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Essential Steps In Associate Initial Formation

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Each religious congregation is unique and formation offered for Associates in each congregation will vary according to these differences. Also, as we all know, there is no "one way" to do associate formation in any situation. Each religious institute must determine the most appropriate way to offer formation for their prospective Associates or Affiliates. In light of that, NACAR offers another section for the Leadership Manual. This section, entitled "Essential Steps in Associate Formation," is offered as a starting point for discussion and creativity for your community. Based on the popular NACAR Workshop, "Ins and Outs of Associate Formation," this section offers insights on these topics: Inquiry, Invitation, Application, Formation Objectives, Commitment, Renewal, Withdrawal and Termination. There will also be a section on the three identified steps of Formation – Information, Integration and Discernment. IN THIS SECTION: • Chapter One: Inquiry, Invitation, Application • Chapter Two: Initial Formation Objectives, Guidelines and Responsibilities • Chapter Three: Three Essential Steps of Initial Formation • Chapter Four: Commitment, Renewal, Withdrawal, Termination Click on the image to view the table of contents. Price includes shipping.

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