A Professional Development Webinar is now available a USB Flash Drive for those new in Associate Leadership

A rookie is a person who is new to a profession, training, or activity such as a rookie police officer, rookie pilot, a ...

Are you a rookie in associate leadership? Are you fairly new in your position?

NACAR offered a five-session webinar for new associate leaders in 2014 and because of the wonderful reviews received we are offering the videos and the PowerPoint presentations on a USB flash drive.

Sessions include: New Associate Leadership, Charism and Mission, Administration of the Associate Relationship, Collaboration and Networking and Planning for the Future.

Some of the questions answered:

  • How can I nurture and/or build relationships between Associates and Sisters and among Associates?
  • What role can these play in my ministry – congregational liaison, Advisory committees, other team members?
  • Should I have a separate newsletter for the Associates? What about other communications?
  • What are the best ways for learning about a prospective associate?
  • What are important components of Associate leadership?
  • What records should be kept? What about archiving?
  • I am being asked to travel fairly often. Is this unusual?
  • What support networks are available for Associate directors?

General Information About Preservation of Historical Archives

General Information About Preservation of Historical Archives coverEnsuring the management of records to constitute historical archival fonds (Note: I​n archival science, a fond is a ​group of documents that share the same origin and that have occurred naturally as an outgrowth of the daily workings of an agency, individual, or organization) and collections is a way of bearing witness to the history of a Congregation’s members, associates (groups, committees, etc.) and events. This paper gives examples of themes and types of documents that could be preserved.

Download the Document Here

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