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The NACAR Board is always looking for NACAR members to join us in our commitment to explore God’s plan for living the mission of NACAR now. We invite you to read this packet, explore the questions, and consider joining one of NACAR’s committees.

NACAR Committees are the key to ensuring that members have an active role in moving NACAR forward in an inclusive, participative and creative way. Presently, there are two main committees of NACAR:

Communication and Marketing Committee: Designs, develops, implements, and evaluates communication as a way to share information among NACAR members and supporters, and to coordinate outreach and marketing with other organizations committed to faith-development. 

This committee plans each issue of The Associate, gathers articles, and edits them as needed.  The members also discuss various ways to communicate with NACAR members through social media. Reviewing and monitoring the website regularly is another of its tasks.

This committee oversees collaboration with various organizations like Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), Religious Formation Conference (RFC), etc.

Member Services Committee: Designs, develops, implements, and evaluates programs, services, and educational opportunities that promote and support leadership within the Associate-Religious movement.

This committee plans and implements Creative Conversations and other webinars.  Members also recommend and sometimes write chapters for the Leadership Manual.  They oversee the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF).  

Collectively, both committees work to build awareness of the Associate-Religious movement.

Participating on a Committee

Although individuals are often brought to the attention of the Board due to a personal knowledge of an individual already active with NACAR, we encourage interested Associates and/or Religious to apply for a Board Committee.

Committee members should be visionary and global thinkers regarding the associate way of life and the associate-religious relationship; provide knowledge and/or experience to the committee; and have the ability to keep the best interest of the organization as a whole. 

Committee members must hold an active membership in NACAR as a primary contact, or as a listed member, or as an individual community or non-community member.

Time Commitment

Committee members are appointed to serve two-year term up to three consecutive terms (total of 6 years)

Frequency of Meetings – Communication and Marketing Committee meets every other month. Member Services Committee meets every month. 


Each committee reports to the Board of Directors through a Committee member who serves on the Board or through a Board Liaison. Committees take direction from Board and strategic plan.

Committee membership includes both Board and non-Board members. All committee work is done in partnership with the Board and other Committee(s) of the Board. The committee does not assume the authority of the Board.


NACAR understands that committee members have many personal and professional commitments. The checklist below is not exhaustive but provides an example of a committee member’s responsibility. If you have any questions about this checklist, please contact the chairperson of the committee.

Checklist of Personal Commitment

  Maintain active membership in NACAR 

  Commitment to a vision of the Associate way of life and the growth of Associate-Religious movement.

  Keep informed of the activities of NACAR and the wider issues that affect its work.

  Prepare for and participate in Committee meetings.

  Participate in Committee work, volunteer for assignments, accept assignments, prepare for committee business, and be responsive to NACAR-related communications. 

  Build a professional and collegial working relationship with other committee and board members, organizational staff and volunteers. 

  Listen respectfully to all participants during committee meetings and actively engage in meeting topics.

  Express your opinions and perspectives with respect and compassion for differing opinions and perspectives.

  Serve as an ambassador for the organization within and beyond the NACAR community. 

  Know the location and maintain access to NACAR documents that pertain to the Committee assignment. 

  Access to the Internet and competency with electronic communication.

Application Process

Recruitment: Recruitment occurs on an ongoing basis based on the needs at the time.

Information Gathering: Interested individuals are encouraged to contact NACAR.

Completion of Application: Complete the application for Committee membership and submit it to the NACAR administrative office. Please feel free to send additional information that will be helpful to the Board in making their decision.

Download the Information Packet and Application Here

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