Update on Dissolution and Action Needed

06/28/2022 10:00 AM | Fred Goddard (Administrator)

In October 2021 Pope Francis invited the People of God to join in a synodal journey. He describes synodality as “the way of being the Church today according to the will of God, in a dynamic of discerning and listening together to the voice of the Holy Spirit.” Pope Francis reminds us that we “belong to a people walking, journeying through history together … we are not alone; we do not walk alone.”* It is in this spirit of journey and togetherness, animated by newness and hope, that the NACAR Board invites you into a different but remarkable moment in the life of the Associate Movement.

Since last autumn, even as we addressed the work required to bring NACAR to fulfillment, we have explored ways and means to keep the flame of our mission burning. To this end, the Board has been in conversation with like-minded organizations receptive to the furthering of the Associate Movement. Today, we are delighted to announce some of the decisions we have made and identify the legacy partners with whom we will journey for the sake of our mission, the church, and the world.

Communicators for Women Religious logoCommunicators For Women Religious (CWR) is an international network of almost 300 professional communicators in the United States, Canada, Australia, Italy, and Ireland and represent more than 160 religious congregations throughout the world. The organization identifies 17 geographic regions and provides opportunities for professional networking and education, encouraging members who are in specific areas to meet regularly, share information, and collaborate on projects when appropriate.

WHY CWR? Effective and appropriate communication has always been part of NACAR’s mission and mandate, and we have for some years now, on your behalf, supported the annual CWR conference. We recognize CWR’s success in encouraging and developing the knowledge, skills, and connections that foster good communication, including the particular challenges posed by the rise of social media. CWR has expressed a commitment to support associates and to develop a relationship with associate leaders around your particular communications needs. We invite you to visit their website for more information about their current work: https://c4wr.org

The Leadership Collaborative logoThe Leadership Collaborative (LC) was birthed in 2012 with a commitment to developing the capacity for transformational leadership among women religious and their associates now and into the future. More than 700 leaders (of all kinds) have been part of the Leadership Collaborative. The Leadership Collaborative offers formal courses, virtual workshops, and retreats in Spanish and English and is international in scope. LC desires to continue to create programs that capture our hearts and minds, create space for the conversations needed, and explore what is emerging in religious life (in its broadest sense) today. They are looking forward to companioning Religious and Charism Carriers (Associates, Affiliates, etc.) as we venture into the unknown and unknowable future.

WHY LC? NACAR’s mission and mandate have always been about connection and collaboration, and education and ongoing formation, with a focus on leadership development and support. The Leadership Collaborative is committed to supporting and furthering the spiritual growth and personal development of charism carriers through learning and networking opportunities. NACAR has previously partnered with LC to provide such an opportunity, and today, we are sharing their invitation for you to participate in an upcoming free session this summer. You may download the invitation flyer here. Please visit their website for more information about their work and programs: https://thelc.global/about-us/

Santa Clara University LogoSanta Clara University (SCU): In addition, upon final dissolution, the NACAR Board will be depositing our historical documents, manuals, and other resources in the archives at Santa Clara University, a private Jesuit university in Santa Clara, California. This will ensure that the story, experiences, and present resources of the North American Conference of Associates and Religious will be available to associates, their leaders, and their congregations, as well as to interested research scholars. We will provide details about accessing the archived material at a later date.

What is Next? Over the next several months the Board will finalize the details of each of the relationships noted above. These are the details necessary to file our final dissolution documents with the State of Illinois. Between now and then, we would like to share your email contact information with our legacy partners. This will provide CWR and the Leadership Collaboration the opportunity to communicate with you directly and invite you to join their mailing lists. You will not be automatically added to their mailing list but will be given the opportunity to do so if you choose.

To be sure that you receive these invitations, we encourage you to update and/or confirm your contact information on nacar.org now or ask your community's Primary Contact to do so. If you are unsure who your primary contact is or how to check your information on the NACAR website, please contact Carla Rush or Fred Goddard. Mutuality is important in any healthy relationship, and we desire to facilitate these connections.

As we continue to finalize details, we will communicate with you again to share more information on accessing archives, the NACAR website, and the ongoing work with our legacy partners. We remind you again that you may want to visit the CWR and LC websites and inform yourself about the wonderful services and opportunities they provide. For other inquiries or questions about the process, please contact Board President Jeanne Connolly or 630-909-6638.

Today we write to you confident in the Spirit alive within the associate movement and confident that our different gifts serve the same God. As we move together into a new and different future, one that holds hope and possibility, we open ourselves to the God of surprises and find strength together in an unfolding that is rooted in faith.

We are deeply grateful for your continued prayers and support.

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