Guide for Primary Contacts

For Community Membership, the Listed Members and Primary Contacts are organized under what are called "bundles." The Primary Contact for a community is the bundle administrator. Therefore, the Primary Contact (bundle administrator) is responsible for adding new Listed Members to the bundle, editing the information of Listed Members and removing (archiving) those bundle members who are no longer considered Listed Members of the Community.

Download this guide as a PDF here.


If the Primary Contact or Bundle Administrator has changed or will change, please contact us with all of the new person’s information.


To ADD members to a bundle as the bundle administrator, follow these steps:

  1. Log into NACAR's Membership Management site.
  2. Click your name or the View profile link to go to your member profile.

  3. Under the Bundle summary section of your Profile page, click the Add member button.

  4. Complete the membership application form on behalf of the Listed Member you want to add as a bundle member.

  5. Click Save

  6. The new record now appears. To return to your profile, click the Return to bundle list and your own profile link.

  7. If you want to add more listed members than your bundle allows, please complete the online Individual Membership Form for that person and contact NACAR Office to have that member added to your bundle.
New bundle members can have different join dates but will share the single renewal date of the community. There is a limit on the number of members that can be added depending on your community membership level (see the Community Membership Information page).


The Primary Contact (bundle administrator) can modify a Listed (bundle) Member's profile from within the bundle administrator's profile. To modify a Listed Member's profile, click the Listed Member's name within the Bundle summary section of the bundle administrator's profile, then click the Edit profile button within the bundle member's profile. Here you can make the changes needed.


A bundle administrator can archive a Listed Member, so that the member is no longer part of the bundle. This means they will no longer receive emails from NACAR and we will deactivate their profile if they have registered for NACAR's main website.

To archive a bundle member, follow these steps:

  1. Log into NACAR's Member Management site.
  2. Click your name or the View profile link to jump to your member profile.
  3. Within the Bundle summary section of your Profile page, click the name of the member you want to archive.
  4. From the member's profile that appears, scroll down to the bottom and click the Archive button.

  5. You can now click the Return to bundle list and your own profile link to return to your member profile.


All Listed (Bundle) Members share the same renewal date. While Listed Members may also receive renewal reminders and renewal notifications, only the Primary Contact can renew on behalf of the community.

A renewal reminder will be emailed to the Primary Contacts 60 days before the renewal date of July 15 of each year. The renewal reminder should include a link you can click to log into your account on the NACAR Membership Management site that should appear something like the following:

Depending on the renewal options your site administrator chose when setting up the bundle, you may also receive an invoice for the membership fee. The invoice email may include a link you can click to view and pay the invoice without logging in. 

You can also renew your community's membership from your member profile on the NACAR Membership Management site. To access your member profile, log into the NACAR Membership Management site and click your name or the View profile link . From your member profile, click the Renew button on your Profile page.

After you click the Renew button, you can review and update your own membership details, then click the Update and next button. Then, you click the Confirm button to confirm the renewal request. You will be taken to the Invoices and payments page where you can pay for the invoice for the renewal. The membership fee is payable by the Primary Contact on behalf of the community.

Once the membership is renewed, renewal notifications are sent to Listed Members.


If you would like to include more members than are included with your congregation's membership level, you may do so by registering those persons as Individual Community Members at the $25 level. You will have to log out of the NACAR website, and then, go to the Apply page. On that page, please select "Individual Community Membership – $25 (USD)" and follow the steps to add that individual. Do the same for as many individuals you would like to add beyond the allotted number of listed members.

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed adding the individual community members, please contact NACAR Member Relations with the names of these people so that they may be added to your bundle. That can only be done by a website administrator.

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